Thursday, 6 July 2017

what I look for in a book

hi!!!!! I'm going on holiday for three weeks soon so I won't be able to blog for about a month. I decided to just write a load of posts to make up for it whilst I'm still feeling inspired.

For this post I'm going to talk about what I, personally, look for in a book. I am extremly picky so get ready. here we go!

1) PLOT TWISTS: Like all the time, every two chapters. And not rubbish ones, good twists that make you go: NO!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS!!!!! IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. those sort of twists. (example: Legend by Marie Lu.)

2) TEAR-JERKER MOMENTS: I love a good cry whether it's at the end, the beginning or the middle. Happy or sad, it doesn't matter. Though I do usually prefer sad so long as it's not a HORRIBLE sad when the main character dies or something like that. If that happens then I usually start screaming and blubbing and pull my hair out and chuck the book in the fire. (only kidding i would never do that, I'm not that crazy...) (example: Paper butterflies by Lisa Heathfield.)

3) THE CHAPTERS HAVE TO BE P.E.R.F.E.C.T: I hate it if chapters are too long because I always want to stop reading at the end of one, not in the middle. Also they have to have really interesting starts and cliffhanger endings like this: I turned around, realising that I was the only one left in the classroom apart from the teacher who was rummaging in her bag. I was about to make my way to the door when she pulled a gun out of her bag and pointed it at my chest... If you are anything like me then you would be going: OMG, WAIT WHAT?????? I'M NEVER GOING TO SCHOOL AGAIN (great excuse.) I mean, that ending was way better than something like this: I walked into the house. And the same for beginnings. (Example: Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon (do those drawings count as chapters?))

4) NOT TOOOO MUCH ROMANCE PLEASE: I don't mind if there's a bit, every now and again. But after a while it just get's so...arghhhhh!! talk about something else!!!! There should be just the right amount. I do like it when there is romance though, mostly because I want the main character to be happy. *always thoughtful­čĹ╝* (most of the time...okay, sometimes. Fine, NEVER HAHAHAHA) Sorry about that. (Example: Some kind of happiness by Claire Legrand.)

5) GOOD PLOT AND WRITING, OBVIOUSLY: If the plot is great at the start but then slowly gets...rubbish then I get really angry and disappointed. (cue the screams and throwing, watch your head) Then of course if the characters are complete and utter idiots and I HATE them then I won't want to read the book. Like in the place of fallen leaves by Tim Pears (sorry Tim) for example. By the end I was sobbing in desperation and thinking: For goodness sake, Alison, do something in your life instead of just sitting around like an idiot!!!! I good book with epic characters and super cool plot would be the Lockwood&co books by Johnathon Stroud.

So thank you thank you thank you!! What do you look for in a book? Do you agree or disagree with me?

Poppy xxxx

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