Thursday, 6 July 2017

what I look for in a book

hi!!!!! I'm going on holiday for three weeks soon so I won't be able to blog for about a month. I decided to just write a load of posts to make up for it whilst I'm still feeling inspired.

For this post I'm going to talk about what I, personally, look for in a book. I am extremly picky so get ready. here we go!

1) PLOT TWISTS: Like all the time, every two chapters. And not rubbish ones, good twists that make you go: NO!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS!!!!! IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. those sort of twists. (example: Legend by Marie Lu.)

2) TEAR-JERKER MOMENTS: I love a good cry whether it's at the end, the beginning or the middle. Happy or sad, it doesn't matter. Though I do usually prefer sad so long as it's not a HORRIBLE sad when the main character dies or something like that. If that happens then I usually start screaming and blubbing and pull my hair out and chuck the book in the fire. (only kidding i would never do that, I'm not that crazy...) (example: Paper butterflies by Lisa Heathfield.)

3) THE CHAPTERS HAVE TO BE P.E.R.F.E.C.T: I hate it if chapters are too long because I always want to stop reading at the end of one, not in the middle. Also they have to have really interesting starts and cliffhanger endings like this: I turned around, realising that I was the only one left in the classroom apart from the teacher who was rummaging in her bag. I was about to make my way to the door when she pulled a gun out of her bag and pointed it at my chest... If you are anything like me then you would be going: OMG, WAIT WHAT?????? I'M NEVER GOING TO SCHOOL AGAIN (great excuse.) I mean, that ending was way better than something like this: I walked into the house. And the same for beginnings. (Example: Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon (do those drawings count as chapters?))

4) NOT TOOOO MUCH ROMANCE PLEASE: I don't mind if there's a bit, every now and again. But after a while it just get's so...arghhhhh!! talk about something else!!!! There should be just the right amount. I do like it when there is romance though, mostly because I want the main character to be happy. *always thoughtful👼* (most of the time...okay, sometimes. Fine, NEVER HAHAHAHA) Sorry about that. (Example: Some kind of happiness by Claire Legrand.)

5) GOOD PLOT AND WRITING, OBVIOUSLY: If the plot is great at the start but then slowly gets...rubbish then I get really angry and disappointed. (cue the screams and throwing, watch your head) Then of course if the characters are complete and utter idiots and I HATE them then I won't want to read the book. Like in the place of fallen leaves by Tim Pears (sorry Tim) for example. By the end I was sobbing in desperation and thinking: For goodness sake, Alison, do something in your life instead of just sitting around like an idiot!!!! I good book with epic characters and super cool plot would be the Lockwood&co books by Johnathon Stroud.

So thank you thank you thank you!! What do you look for in a book? Do you agree or disagree with me?

Poppy xxxx

top 5 best book related blogs and vlogs

Hello again for the second time on this wonderful Thursday! I'm a new blogger and got most of my inspiration from other blogs and one vlog so I thought I would tell you a bit about them and what I think. I'm not going to put myself in the list...yet. *winks*       

5) Twenty three pages: Camillia is great but I put her in fifth place because she doesn't only do books and those she does review aren't always YA, which I like. Still, she's good!

4) The Bibliophile girl: Did I spell that correctly? Yes? Ok, let's go. Kirsty's blog was probably the first one I read (on books) and really enjoyed. It's good because she reviews stuff I like and know. The only thing I don't like is that the comments are ALWAYS closed (well almost all the time) which is a pain.

3) Queen of Contemporary: I love contemporary (despite my inability to spell it) and practically read it all the time. Lucy is an amazing blogger and I really don't have anything bad to say. 

2) In second place we have the Book Leo which is a vlog channel run by the hilarious Leonie. She does YA as well and has got such an interesting point of view which I ADORE!!!!!

1) And my official favorite blog is.... (drum roll and streamers..) Paper Fury!!!!!!! *yay* Cait is sooo funny and nice and just damn epic. Her blog is really unique and special. I just can't get enough of her. Plus, her comment section works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading and especially thanks to the people I metioned who are all just amazing!!! What are your favorite bloggers? How long have you been blogging?

Poppy xxxx

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Dumplin' by Julie Murphy: mini spoilers and apologies!

Hi!!! Sorry I didn't do a post at the weekend and on Wednesday, I was really busy and in a blogging slump. (also my computer was being an idiot and not working) But I think that this book definetly makes up for it. Thank you!

I bought this book for two reasons:

1: it was really cheap (for a book)
2: I'd heard some good reviews on various blogs.

 Dumplin' made it's way up my list of favorite books really quickly, it was just so amazing! Willowdean (the main character) has become my role model, the sort of girl I would want to be. She doesn't care what people think about her appearence and just acts like herself. Until Bo comes along and ruins it all (in my opinion.) I secretly wanted Will to end up with Mitch, I thought he was the guy for her, but I guess if Bo makes her happy... Then there was Willowdean's mum. I had mixed feelings about her. She was really nice when she was talking about Lucy and at the end when Will helped her with her dress but then she was horrid about the fact that her daughter was fat!! That I just could not stand. It's the way she lives, deal with it. I got SO angry at Will when she kept stopping from talking or texting Ellen. I was like: FOR GOD'S SAKE WOMAN JUST GET IT OVER WITH. Then I banged my head on the table in despair. My favorite character was Hannah. She might be mean and insulting on the outside, but deep down she's lovely. The night she chatted with Will revealed a whole new side of her nobody new about. She was such a suprising person that I adored.
This book was really truthful, it's the sort of thing that happens in every day life and I liked that sort of raw reality. It just hooked me from the beginning and I didn't put it down until it was finished. Plus, Julie Murphy introduced me to Dolly Parton who isn't half bad. Obviously, this book can't be perfect and there were some things I didn't like. I would have wanted it to be longer!!! I can not survive without a Dumplin' 2 or something like that. I mean, who won the beauty contest? (so proud of Millie, by the way), how does Bo and Will's relationship go? What about Tim and Ellen? I also would have loved a good cry at the end. All my favorite books have a tear-jerker moment...except this one. I read this is french but it was still really good!
Right, if you haven't read this book then you'll think I'm talking gibberish so I'll just get on with what it's about.
Willowdean is fat. But she's ok with that. She reckons the best thing to do with a bikini is wear it. Her mother organises the annual town pageant, and fondly calls her daughter Dumplin'. Willow's ok with all that too, but when love comes to call and best friends start to change, then suddenly Will isn't quite as ok with everything, so how is she going to deal with these knew challenges? And when is she going to get another kiss like THAT one, again?
So apart from no crying this book ticked all the boxes and I give it 4.5 stars or 4.99 if that's possible.

Other books by Julie Murphy:
-Dumplin' *
-Side effects may vary
-Ramona blue

Thanks for reading!!!!! Do you feel the same way Will does? Have you gone through something similar? So this book is for anyone who doesn't feel good in their skin, this will help you realise that you should just be yourself and not care about other people.

Poppy xxxxx

"all the best things in my life have started with a Dolly Parton song. Including my friendship with Ellen Dryver."

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Some kind of happiness by Claire Legrand

"Once there was a great, sprawling forest called the Everwood. Magic lived there, and it lit up every tree and flower with impossible beauty."

First of all I'd like to say how amazing I think the cover is. I love the olive coloured spine and the front is so magical and goes really well with the story. The twinkling stars are beautiful and the lonely figure walking up the hill corresponds perfectly with the main character, Finley. The book itself, inside, is so good! It's a bit like two different things are going on at the same time: Finley's actual life and the one she writes about. But for once it's perfectly done and it doesn't seem to overwhelming to have loads happening. The story line is so detailed and a bit shocking at times. I think that Claire Legrand, like Shannon Hale, has a great eye for detail and describes everything tremendously. All her books, even if they're fact, have got a sprinkling of magic in it. I once read a book called We Were Liars by e. Lockhart which I didn't enjoy at all. Then I came across Some Kind Of Happiness and it was so alike but much better for me. I think their was loads of injustice and too many secrets in this book but I guess it just added to the suspense. There is romance in this book but it's quite overshadowed by all the action which for once is fine by me. There are lots of lists written by Finley, making it easier to understand and to catch up if you've missed something. This book can be teensy bit depressing but at the end I could literally NOT put it down and was devouring the pages quickly. I would have liked Finley to have more boy cousins, there is only one though I imagine the Bailey kids could make up for it. My favorite character is probably Jack, he is so kind and thoughtful and just damn amazing. Finley reminds me a little of myself, dreamy, loves to write...
When Finley Hart discovers that she is going to have to spend her entire summer at her estranged grandparents house, she is distraut. Her only escape is the Everwood, a forest kingdom that only exists in the pages of her notebook. Until she finds the endless forest behind her grandparents house and realises the Everwood is real-and in trouble. But Finley soon realises that in order to save it, she will first have to save herself.
This book definelty deserves at least four stars, maybe four and a half. All Claire Legrand's stories are amazing and you should read them as soon as possible!!!!

Other books by Claire Legrand:
-The Cavendish home for boys and girls. *
-Some kind of happiness. *
-The year of shadows. *

Thank you for reading (if you have). 🙋 Do you like this kind of story? Is magic your thing? Or do you prefer real life? Do you write stories like Finley?

Poppy. xxxx

what I look for in a book

hi!!!!! I'm going on holiday for three weeks soon so I won't be able to blog for about a month. I decided to just write a load of p...