Tuesday, 10 October 2017

20 bookish facts about ME

Hello people of the Internet!!! Welcome!!

So the other day I saw a video of someone doing a 20 bookish facts about me, and I thought: Hey, I should do that!!! So I am. I'm not going to lie, I did struggle to find TWENTY facts and some are quite random but whatever!!! I hope you enjoy, let me know down in the comments!

1: I am probably the last person ever to read the Mortal Instruments

2: I have a strong dislike of Veronica Roth's writing. (see, I can be polite)

3: I don't enjoy historical fiction

4: I sticky note my books

5: I read books in English and French

6: But mostly in English

7: Asking me to pick my favorite book is the best way to kill me

8: I like the novelty of owning hardbacks but I actually prefer paperbacks

9: I HATE it when there are pictures of actually people on book covers Like, dude, why would you do that to me???

10: I'm always losing my bookmarks which is why I make my own

11: My biggest OTP (because let's face it, there are too many to pick from) is Solangelo (ahdfehfefj I love them so much)

12: Drarry is a big fat NO

13: My bookshelf is my favorite possession

14: I hardly ever go on Goodreads

15: My books are organised by genre

16: I prefer to own books than to get them out from the library

17: I love the smell of books

18: book merchandise is my life

19: My Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff #hufflepuffpride

20: I am a daughter of Athena (I took like a thousand different tests)

That was it!!!! I hope you liked it!! Now you know loads of random stuff about me. Can you relate to any of these?? Do you disagree?? Have you done a post like this? (let me know and I'll check it out) Which Hogwarts house are you in?? Who is your godly parent?

Poppy xxxxx

Sunday, 1 October 2017

My September wrap up!!!!

Hello you dear little wierdos I love so much!!! Having a good weekend? Cool. It's October!!!!! Yay, two months until my birthday and Christmas!! It's Halloween soon!!! I'm thinking of dressing up as Annabeth Chase this year: i'll put on my CHB t-shirt and wear a Yankees cap!! Do you celebrate Halloween? I don't usually but my friend is throwing a party so...

Anyway, back to my September wrap up!!! I see these posts or vlogs all the time and I love 'em!!! This month I read 12 books which is quite good actually. They are all re-reads apart from two but I'm on a book buying ban until after Christmas because I am SO BROKE MY PURSE IS CRYING. So. Now then, here it is::::

1) We were Liars by e. Lockhart: I read this book years ago and hated it from the bottom of my heart but I think I must have been a bit too young to understand it. So at the end of August I went and took it out of the library again and IT BROKE MY HEART AND RUINED MY LIFE AND I'LL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. Like, what???? I knew what was going to happen but still.

2) The Assassins blade by Sarah J. Maas: OMG, guys, OMG!!!! You'll never guess. So last month I was looking for bookshops near where I live in France and I found this english bookstore. I figured they would only have classics and stuff but BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhh!! So I went in and they had loads of Leigh Bardugo and Harry Potter and Cinder and I was hyperventilating. Then my mum picked up Throne of Glass and said: 'hey, haven't you read this?' And I literally ran to where she was stood, saw all the Sarah J. Maas books and STARTED CRYING!! Please tell me you understand. So, obviously I ended up buying a book despite that CRAZY PRICE. And voila. Then I had my heart broken. After You-Know-Who died in the book (no, not Voldemort) I basically curled up in bed and cried and ate for the whole day. Depression, ah. Also, dat cover!!!!!!!

3) Flight of a starling by Lisa Heathfield: Not much to say about this one except that it WAS TWICE AS GOOD THE SECOND TIME I READ IT!!! Like, how is that possible??? In case you didn't know, Lisa Heathfield is my life. So, go but all her books. 🖒  Like her writing is insane!!!!!

4) Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K.Rowling: So I read this series like a billion years ago so I need to re-read ASAP. I really enjoyed this and I'm slowly getting through Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at the moment. Oh and, Harry is such a sassy fluffball, how can I have forgotten that???!!! Also, I am soooo angry right now that not all the books are the same edition!! ajdhjfhh. Why???? You might not be able to see, but my Harry Potter and the goblet of fire is in super bad condition so I may replace that one.

5) Percy Jackson 1 through 5 by Rick Riordan: Again, I read these a bajillion years ago so I needed to refresh my memory. I'm currently reading the Last Olympian. Percy Jackson and the titan's curse is my absolute favorite because NICO!!!!! YOU LITTLE CINNAMON BUN I LOVE YOU TO TARTARUS AND BACK. Gahhh, sorry. Which is your favorite book??? And of course I cried in that one because...that's me. You know what I mean. Like, dude my heart is gone. I didn't even LIKE the person who died.

6) Troublemakers by Catherine Barter: This book. Read it. Quick. I lovvvveeee it sooooo muccccchhhhhh. This is another re-read and I adore it. It's got nice short chapters so that's cool and the romance isn't with the main character so that's cool too. Just trust me (hahaha) and go and pick it up.

7) The fault in our stars by John Green: I dunno, I just felt like some fluffy heartbreaking books this month. So obviously I picked up the fluffiest, most heart breaking book I know. And as expected it was greatttttttt. And I am learning about Anne Frank at school so I thought it would educate me a bit. Oh and do you see ALL those sticky notes?? Those are all the hilarious, sad and amazing quotes in the book. There are 17 sticky notes. Good job John Green!! (did you see? I put it next to a box of tissues because you're gonna cry!!! I'm so smart)

8) Dragon's Green by Scarlett Thomas: This is the first book in a newish middle grade fantasy series. My dad went to America for work and he bought me this back. I was a bit sceptical  at first but Oh my God, this book!!!!! I can't believe I haven't heard anything about it, it's just wow!!! By the end I was actually having a conversation out loud with the author saying: No, this isn't going to happen. No, I won't let you do that. IF YOU DO THAT I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND MURDER YOU. ...   .... .... Anddddd there is a posh talking dragon!!!! If that isn't worth reading about then you have way too high standards, mate. Andddd that cover is my life.

there we goooo, the books I read this month!!! I'm quite proud of myself but I'm really interested in how many you guys read in a month usually? What did you read this month?? Do you have any spooky recommendations for Halloween??

Thanks for reading fellow bookworms!!! Love you alllllllllllllllllllllllllll (though not as much as I love Nico di Angelo, let's not get crazy now) I have quite a few posts lined up including a Spooky books thing and my September haul because I did make a sneaky rather big order of books before my book ban. Stay tuned!!!

Poppy xxxxx

Sunday, 17 September 2017

My large notebook collection

Hello!!! Sorry it's been so long since I uploaded. I'm in another reading slump and people always say not to force yourself to read and I hate my life. Sorry, anyway. Today I am doing a presentation of my notebooks. I love love love writing and I get through a ton of notebooks so I thought I might as well show you them all. I'll recommend to you which ones are my favorites unfortunately I probably won't be able to remember where I got them from. Sorry!!!!!! So let's get going. WARNING: I HAVE AN INSANE AMOUNT OF NOTEBOOKS.

These are my most recent, and unessecairy, purchases. I LOVE them!!! I got them from the Isle of Wight at one of those toursity shops. (that's not a word.) So the green notebook is being used to track my blogging and the brown one is school work. Super interesting, I know. I'm not going to go into to much detail because I've got so many to talk about.

Here are my five main Jacqueline Wilson notebooks which I got from her magazine when I was super into her. One of these is full up, two have got plain pages and I HATE writing on plain paper and another two have got super tiny lines which I find extremly irritating. They aren't really my favorites and I don't use them much.

Don't you think this baby is so pweety???? I love it !!! It's the perfect size, not to big not to small. I bought it in Venice and I've started a ton of stories in it!!! I just freaking love the design.

These are two Jacqueline Wilson ones again but my hate for these is crazy!!! They're so hard to write in and the lines are too small and...ARGGGGHHHH. I don't want to talk about it.

My parents bought me this when they were in India and it is totally stunning. But as much as I love the look of it, it's super hard to transport because it's quite heavy (compared to usual notebooks) and I'm worried it'll get ruined. Also, unlined pages. I'm crying right now, in case you were wondering. The pen that came with it is so amazing too but it hurts my fingers when I hold it. It's sooooo sad.

This was another unnecesairy notebook I bought from the supermarket. I just thought it was pretty but I haven't written much in it and I don't plan to. It's not big enough for me. I'm such a pain, I know.

My friend goes to Belgrade all the time (honestly have no idea where it is) and she brought me this back once (along with a super cute mug and a pen my mum stole). Again, it's quite small but I like using it for lists and I wrote down some of my chinese in it as well. I love the little bookmark thing because it's really handy!

Got this sweetie from a magazine (magazines are my life) and since it had blank pages (I mean, why?) I decided to use it as a scrapbook for all the clothes I see and like. Also, I just love the front cover!!!!!

I have zero idea where I got this from. I have no idea how to explain why I adore this notebook so much so I made a little video. I'm utterly useless at filming, very sorry. You see, this notebook has got like these little things so you can pull out the pages really easlily... I'm so rubbish!!!! The papers at the front are some old blog posts I wrote out before typing them on my computer.

This is the only Jacqueline Wilson book I actually like. And by like I mean LOVE. I mean, look at the cover!!! It's so beautiful I'm going to die!!! Sadly, you guessed it, unlined pages. But I put it to good use and this is now by bullet/school journal. It's not very pretty but I'll work on it. Does any one have any tips on how to make it extra nice??

And lastly, my favorite notebook!!!! Yippee!!! It's kind of wierd that I love this one so much since it's not very pretty. But I love the size and the pages and everything!!!! I got it in America for like 4 dollars. Love it to bits!!!!  

So thank you for reading!!!! I know, this was a super wierd post but I'm in a super wierd mood so...yeah. Also I went back to school recently (oh joy) so I've got a lot on my mind. Do you have any notebooks like these? Does unlined paper bother you? What does your favorite notebook look like? Are you a notebook hoarder? Let me know down in the comments!!! I'm thinking about doing a desk tour or show you my bookmark collection since I'm not reading much. Let me know if you'd like that!!! Love you all to the bookshop and back!!!!

Poppy xxxxxx

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Top 13 badass women from the fictional world

Hellooooo. How are you? Good? Ok, back to me.

Today I will be recording my 13 favorite badass women from various books. Before we begin I would just like to apologise because I haven't done any reviews for AGES. Not ages actually, but a while. I'm sort of going through wierd reading phases, like the other day I only wanted to read contemporary's and I DIDN'T HAVE ANY!!!!! Then I was super into dystopian, and then fantasy.... But the other day I received a book so I might review that once I've read it.

Until then you'll have to put up with this post. If you can think of any other characters who deserve to be on this list, let me know down in the comments. Also, I haven't included Tris from The Divergent series since I haven't read the books or seen the movies and I don't plan to. I'm just not keen on Veronica Roth's writing. (please don't hit me please don't hit me). I haven't put Clary from the Mortal Instruments either though I do want to read that so I might do an updated version of this post later on in the year.

I did try to narrow the list down to 10 but I just COULD NOT DO IT!!!!! So we've got thirteen. We're in for the long haul. (All the pictures are from Pinterest by the way) :) Let's go!!!!!! This list is in know particular order, I can't narrow it down!!

1/ KATNISS EVERDEEN FROM THE HUNGER GAMES BY SUZANNE COLLINS: Come on, she's like the baddest, assiest woman on the planet. She had to pop up somewhere. Why not at the beginning?

2/ HERMIONE GRANGER FROM HARRY POTTER BY J.K.ROWLING: She's super smart and she can do magic. What's not to love? (I LOVE this fanart)

3/ CELAENA SARDOTHIEN FROM THE THRONE OF GLASS SERIES BY SARAH J. MAAS: Throne of glass is, like, my favorite fantasy series EVER. It's so freaking popular and I can see why. Celaena may be an assassin but you can't help but adore her.

4/ LUCY CARLYLE FROM LOCKWOOD & CO BY JOHNATHON STROUD: She has a sword. She is a ghost hunter. She can communicate with ghosts. that's all I really have to say. Instant love with this character

5/ VALKYRIE CAIN FROM SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT BY DEREK LANDY: Valkyrie goes from being a nobody to being the epicest, badassiest girl sorceress on the freaking planet. I love Stephanie so much (not that that name holds any power, eh? Eh? Sorry, if you've read the book you'll understand)

6/ BRENDA FROM THE MAZE RUNNER BY JAMES DASHNER: I literally have no idea what her surname is and if it's in the book...well I can't be bothered to go and check. Maybe some of you booky wormies prefer Teresa but just NO! I can't bear Teresa. To be honest, I had no idea what she was doing half of the book. All I know is that she's a double crossing little viper. (oooh, burn.) But we're talking about Brenda, right? Yeah, she's amazing. Always amazing even throughout all the things she goes through.

7/ ANNABETH CHASE FROM PERCY JACKSON BY RICK RIORDAN: Oh, this girl totally deserves her own series. I mean, she's in Percy Jackson, she's in Magnus Chase (took me while to realise they were related), she's in The heroes of Olympus series and she plays a part in the trials of Apollo!!! What is this??? Just make her her own book!!!!!! Because she's so kick-ass and cool. yep. Check her out.

8/ ADELINA AMOUTERU FROM THE YOUNG ELITES BY MARIE LU: Oh, my, god. This book broke my heart and made me cry so much. I'm crying now just thinking about it. I got so attached to these bloody characters and then... Shush, Poppy, don't give anything away. But Adelina is so horrible but it's not really her fault and she's such a good fighter and really scary. I do have to say though, Magiano will forever hold a special place in my heart.

9/ PRINCESS ANIDORI KILADRA TALIANNA ISILEE FROM THE GOOSE GIRL BY SHANNON HALE: Wow, that was one hell of a name!!! Though she does call herself Isi for most of the book. But, OMG, this girl can talk to birds!!! That is the epicest epic I've ever seen. And she can do so much other stuff as well. I love her so freaking much... This is the best picture I could  get, sorry. It makes me sooo sad to see that not many people have heard of this series.

10/ TANITH LOW FROM SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT BY DEREK LANDY: She's got a sword. She can walk on ceilings. She wears leather. You do not mess with Tanith Low. (I am in love with this fanart)

11/ MARE BARROW FROM RED QUEEN BY VICTORIA AVEYARD: I've got a love-hate relationship with this book and this character; But that doesn't mean she's amazingly brave and fearless. And her LIFE IS SO UNFAIR. WHY??

12/ CELESTINE NORTH FROM FLAWED BY CECELIA AHERN: I have a full review on this book which says everything. If I start writing about Celestine again here then I'll rant for ever. (Bit of self promotion right there!)

13/ AMY GUMM FROM DOROTHY MUST DIE BY DANIELLE PAIGE: This is another character who goes from being a nobody from being the one who has to save the world. or at least Oz. I am completely smitten with anything to do with the Wizard of Oz, so naturally this retelling went down really well. I love it to Oz and back!!! Hahaha. God, why am I so hilarious? I can't take it. I couldn't find any pictures of Amy, sorry. But i'll put this: (also, this book contains Nox. NOX!!! My life is complete. I love him so so so much)

So there we have it!!! What do you think of my choices?? Who do you think is super kick-ass??? Thank you tons for reading, love you!!!!!!!!

Poppy xxxx

20 bookish facts about ME

Hello people of the Internet!!! Welcome!! So the other day I saw a video of someone doing a 20 bookish facts about me, and I thought: Hey...